Surfing Paddling Technique Mastery Level 2 - Positioning, Timing, and Sprint Technique

San Diego, CA, USA

Choose from the following 2018 dates:

Sunday, November 17-18 (for Shortboards) SPOTS OPEN (NEW)

Nov 17, 1-5 pm then Nov 18, 8 am-noon

Catch the Most Waves, With the Least Amount of Effort

Learn and practice the Optimal Positioning Strategy to catch the wave, the Wave Timing Formula, and Effective Sprint Technique.

Limited Space Available

**PREREQUISITE** Completion of at least the first 3 Modules in the Surfing Paddling Academy or approval by Rob

About Mastery Level 2

Learn and practice where to position yourself to catch a wave, when to time your paddle, and how to enhance power in your sprint paddle. In this extra extended weekend, we reveal and practice finding a wave's takeoff zone and where you should be positioned to catch the wave. Also, you learn where to start your paddle into the wave and review the 3-stroke Burst Sprint technique. In addition, apply your new learning directly to the ocean when we go surf at a few of the local breaks.

Price $895 USD

What's Included:

  • This is an abridged version of the 2.5 day Marin Level 2 Mastery Weekend
  • 2 in-ocean Coaching and Training Surf Sessions that cover Positioning, Timing, and Effective Sprint Paddling Technique
  • Measurement of hand Force and curve of the underwater armstroke
  • Optimal Positioning Strategy and guided practice
  • Wave Timing Formula and guided practice
  • Advanced Surfing Paddling Academy Techniques for Sprint Paddling
  • Review and analysis of the videos taken from surf session
  • Surfing at a local Beach (to apply the Positioning, Timing, and Sprint Paddling Technique lessons) - San Diego has dozens of spots to choose from from Longboarding spots like Tourmaline and La Jolla Shores, to shortboarding spots like Blacks and La Jolla Reefs. Our goal will be to find the best surf with the least crowd so we can get the most waves possible.
  • Lunch
  • Video recordings with commentary reminders of what was discussed


Saturday 1-5pm

Measure the Force of Your Stroke

Positioning, Timing, Sprint Technique Lecture

Sunday 8am-Noon

Surfing Session 1 and recordings

In water coaching to apply lessons


What to Bring

  • A mind ready to learn proven wave catching techniques and to have fun!
  • Surfboard you want to learn and surf on (rentals available from local surf shop for a fee at cost. You are responsible for pick up and drop off of your rental equipment)
  • Wetsuit – the ocean water year-round is between 58-68 degrees F – 3/2mm is recommended (rentals available from local surf shop for a fee at cost)
  • Sunscreen, Towel, Hat
  • Water, Snacks (Lunch is included)

Location & Meeting Time

  • Meeting place: Mission Bay Aquatic Center
  • 1001 Santa Clara Pl, San Diego, CA 92109
  • Our surf spot will be determined based on the surf forecast and weather conditions.
  • Possible surf locations include:
  • Mission Bay Aquatic Center (Mission Beach), Tourmaline Beach (Pacific Beach), La Jolla Shores, Scripps Pier, Blacks Beach (gate), Torrey Pines, Del Mar
  • Start time will be 1pm on Sat. End time will be at Noon on Sun.

World Class Surfing Paddling Experience

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**PREREQUISITE** Completion of at least the first 3 Modules in the Surfing Paddling Academy or approval by Rob. Contact Rob with questions -